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After World War II

Could the Holocaust happen again? After World War II, the Allied forces set up trials to punish the criminals of the Axis powers who committed war crimes. By looking at the Nuremberg Trials, one can see the outcome of the Holocaust for the Nazi Party, which is important because we, as humans need to make sure that the Holocaust will not occur again.

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Severn Suzuki

The purpose of this speech was to persuade the nation to change their ways. To do better for the starving children around the world, and for the animals on the planet. Severn Suzuki who was representing the Environmental Children's Organization appeared before the united nations at the Earth Summit in Rio 1992 with an appeal on behalf of all children.

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George W. Bush - essay

43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush, in his speech, 9/11 Address to the Nation, announces to the nation about the tragedy of 9/11. Bush's purpose is to inform Americans about the event that occurred and what is going to happen next. Through his use of visual imagery, antithesis, and pathos, Bush creates a reassuring tone IN ORDER TO EXPLAIN TO AMERICANS THE HORROR OF THIS ACT BUT THAT THIS NATION WILL NOT BACK DOWN AFTER THIS ATTACK AND WILL KEEP PUSHING FORWARD AND REMAIN HOPEFUL.

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